Platform Technology

I am a certified low-code platform builder on Mats and working towards my Salesforce certification. I have strong experience of working with platform-based technologies to transform organisations.

Cloud Collaboration Tools

Over the last few years, I have become skilled in introducing, training and implementing productivity and cloud collaboration tools such as Google Apps for Work and Box. I understand the immediate benefits that these tools can rapidly bring to an organisation.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has changed the way individuals interact with businesses and the way organisations consume technology. I have gained hands-on experience of strategising and implementing across SaaS, PaaS and IaaS technologies. This has included working with Amazon Web Services.

Digital Transformation

I’m an experienced Business Analyst and Project Manager working on innovative transformation programmes. Dealing with the frustrations and limitations of legacy systems has given me a passion for cloud and platform technologies. I have a practiced understanding of the organisational benefits gained from using these technologies to achieve end-to-end digital transformation.

Business Analysis

I am a certified Business Analyst from Learning Tree International. I have strong experience of Process Mapping, Requirements Gathering, Workshop Facilitation, Stakeholder Management, Requirements Analysis, Data Analysis, Document Analysis and Visual Modeling.

Project Managment

I'm an experienced Project Manager and a certified Professional Scrum Master. I have experience of Business Cases, Team Management, Task Management, Project Reporting, Presentations, Issue Resolution, Project Planning and Risk Management.


I have spent a number of years working in waterfall-style project management environments. Since then I have gained invaluable experience of championing agile methodologies to help introduce more flexibility and speed into project delivery. Experience has taught me that a combination of agile and more traditional project management styles helps achieve the best results for my clients.

Web Development

Since a young age, I have always enjoyed web development and graphic design. Although I feel I have never really graduated from the ranks of ‘keen amateur’, I still enjoy keeping my hands dirty with basic HTML and CSS. As you’ve probably guessed, I coded this site myself and it’s put together using Bootstrap, built in Brackets and served up from AWS S3. I also created all my own graphics by sourcing from the always handy Flaticon.

1st Class Honours, Psychology BSc

I attended Royal Holloway, University of London where I read Psychology. I took a particular interest in cognitive neuroscience and linguistics. My academic foundations in Psychology has equipped me with a unique approach to understanding and analysing problems for my clients.