Transformation Manager March 2017 - Present

I am leading a discovery team looking at how the organisation operates and the impact of moving towards a digital business model. I am identifying how the organisation is currently using their technology to delivery value to their staff and customers. I will present back to the board to advise them on key activities needed to transform their direct business.

Transformation Manager December 2016 - March 2017

I led a team conducting an organisation-wide discovery to assess their current level of digital ambition, delivery approach, delivery capability and resource model. This allowed me to make a number of recommendations to re-focus their digital roadmap and tackle their wider enabling activities needed to successfully transform the organisation.

Transformation Manager January - February 2017

I was brought in to help model and create a business case for the CDO based on their current digital roadmap. I helped to challenge their delivery approach and built a business case model that utilised modern platform technology pricing estimates, and blended off-shore delivery models.

Transformation Manager November 2016 - January 2017

Off the back of some digital leadership training, I was brought in to help understand how Resonate would move from a traditional software development house to modern practices. I established their Agile framework and supported the introduction of DevOps into their teams.

Transformation Manager March - November 2016

I am leading a team conducting a department-wide discovery across 24 services. My team built a model that will map out their customer needs, service outcomes, capability needs and technology landscape. I used this model to advise the board on their digital business model and transformation roadmap.

Transformation Manager January - April 2016

I led a team conducting a discovery exercise to help understand the council's customer needs, service outcomes, capability needs and technology landscape. I advised the board on their digital strategy and technology roadmap to enable their digital vision for the organisation.

Transformation Manager March 2016 - April 2016

I led a short piece of advisory work to support Eastbourne Borough Council (EBC) and Lewes District Council (LDC) in drafting a detailed business case for the integration of their operational delivery. The two councils were seeking to deliver £3 million in savings through a joint transformation programme by implementing a new business model across an integrated workforce. Their vision was to share largely common workflow whilst retaining separation between each council’s customer journeys. I helped them to understanding how to proceed with their technology roadmap by looking at low-code platforms as an alternative to their incumbent platform supplier.

Delivery Manager November 2015 - March 2016

I led a team building a product to migrate a business critical process onto a new low-code solution. Using the low-code approach, I helped the organisation to rapidly mitigate a high severity risk by successfully implementing a minimal viable product.

Transformation Manager October - November 2015

My team were implementing the Salesforce CRM platform to replace the incumbent technology stack. I supported the discovery team to look at the wider transformational impact of implementing platform-based solutions in legacy architectures. This allowed the organisation to optimise the use of the platform and introduce a more customer-centric approach into their service redesign approach.

Transformation Manager September - October 2015

My team set-up the Scottish Government's strategy for digital transformation of public services in Scotland. I support this by conducting two discoveries of the civil legal aid and dispute resolution services. I also conducted a discovery into the information sharing capability across the Scottish criminal justice system. This allowed me to make a number of recommendations for conducting alphas across the justice system to support the implementation of their digital strategy.

Lead Business Analyst August - September 2015

As part of the Treasury's Enabling Strategy, DCLG were exploring the potential benefits for local authorities moving towards better use of common, platform-based technologies to deliver services. I led a team of 4 analysts who engaged with a dozen local authorities to gather and analyse data to draft a strategic outline case. My team explored common platforms but focused their analysis on identity checking, payments and licensing. The final report was successfully submitted to the Treasury and included a mix of commentary and data, with potential savings explained in a simplified model over the parliament and beyond. This engagement was conducted in collaboration with GDS and helped feed into the wider opportunities of Government-as-a-Platform.

Product Manager May - September 2015

I was the Product Manager for our company's brand refresh project. I was a core member of the Brand & Marketing Board and worked closely with the Creative Director and Designers to develop our new brand. I led the Web Development Team to deliver the new company website and took the lead on a number of designs to standardise our brand across the company. I created new branded templates and curated the content for the website. I worked closely with the Directors to understand their needs and feed them into the creative process.

Senior Business Analyst May - July 2015

As part of the Treasury's Enabling Strategy, GDS were investigating the development of a licensing & permissions standard and a consistent user journey, underpinned by a suite of modular, reusable technical components. I was a Senior Business Analyst within the GDS Team at the Cabinet Office. My team were conducting a cross-government discovery of licensing & permissions with DVLA, DEFRA and the Home Office. I was the lead for DEFRA, working closely with the MMO on Fishing Vessel Licensing and CITES on CITES Import & Export Licensing. My work fed into a Programme Business Case for the Treasury detailing opportunities for improving licensing & permissions within the context of Government-as-a-Platform.

Transformation Manager January - May 2015

I managed the design and implementation of the Digital Transformation Programme at Adur & Worthing Councils. This programme consists of 3 main streams: Technical Design, Citizen Platform and Productivity. The Technical Design stream is taking the Blueprint work and designing a detailed architecture for A&W with the chosen technologies. The Citizen Platform stream is the implementation of Local Government-as-a-Platform using Salesforce and MatsSoft technologies based on the Technical Design. The Productivity stream is the implementation of Google Apps for Work to replace the on premises productivity suite. This is a pioneering Digital Programme that is pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in transforming Local Government service delivery using modern cloud technologies.

Strategy Advisor February - March 2015

Mid Sussex had a number of challenging areas across their business, data, applications and technology. I supported a team on the development of an enterprise-wide digital strategy to define a new organizational approach to drive improved citizen services. Building on the success of other local authorities who are embracing digital, I helped define a strategy to exploit use of modern cloud technologies to drive innovation across the organisation. The strategy was designed to ensure their technology landscape was realigned to deliver it’s stated business objectives to create better lives, better environment and better services.

Blueprint Lead October - December 2014

I led a team through an enterprise architecture review of Adur & Worthing Councils to help realise their vision of a digital council. Building on the clear vision we had set with them during their Discovery, I managed the assessment of their current technology position and helped define their future state. This allowed A&W to create the foundation of a strategic approach to technology that will enable innovation on all layers of their organisation. I led on creating an investment and resource profiles that looked at the tangible and intangible benefits of adopting this pioneering approach. I also delivered a conceptualised target architecture in light of the recommended technology stack where the business is brought together around a common platform to share functionality and data.

Product Manager October 2014 - February 2015

I was the Product Manager for a Web Development Team to deliver the new Methods companies websites. Methods Group had recently been formed which meant that five separate companies has been spun up underneath the group umbrella. I worked with each companies Managing Directors to built up a product backlog for their individual websites and helped managed their development. I ran show & tell sessions with the Product Owners and managed the backlog to successfully release the sites. We tried to use a consistent look and feel between a number of the Methods sites to maintain the presence of the group whilst allowing each site to have their own independent style. As part of this role, I also set up a process for raising story requests to help manage the iterations of the sites across multiple product releases.

Discovery Lead August - Sept 2014

I led a team on an enterprise-wide discovery of Adur & Worthing Councils technology landscape to define their first steps towards digital transformation. I worked with the directors to define their 3 year vision for transforming their service delivery by embracing new digital technologies. I held meetings with all the Councils departments and team leads to engage them in the discovery process to help lever opportunities and solve problems. This allowed me to understand and produce a capability map of the Councils enterprise-wide technology needs.

Strategy Support July 2014

I conducted a short advisory engagement to support the development of Peterborough City Council’s Digital Strategy. I led on the visualisation of their strategy by designing a number of graphics to illustrate Peterborough’s digital vision. I utilised my knowledge and experience of working on platform architecture in local government to help articulate their key strategic aspirations.

Discovery Lead April - May 2014

I worked with the Department of Education to advise on an agile platform development for their ‘Get into Teaching’ campaign. I led on the capturing of User Stories to build up a product backlog for development of an alpha product. I assisted in designing a high-level platform architecture to meet the needs of emergent user stories. I utilised Government Digital Service principles to ensure effective delivery.

Product Manager Sept 2013 - Sept 2014

I was a Product Manager lead for a Development Team on Hounslow's Loc Gov-as-a-Platform. I introduced agile methodology and processes to help embed agile into their platform approach. I led on the rationalisation of legacy applications by identifying and establishing core capabilities onto their platform. I also led on data migration of legacy data into the platform environment. I helped established programme reporting to help bridge the gap between a traditionally waterfall enterprise and an agile approach.

Project Manager May - Sept 2013

I project managed the procurement and implementation of a range of tools to support the establishment of the Hounslow platform. This included: GIS, Gazetteer, Data Integration Platform and Information Asset Register. I designed and embedded data processes to ensure appropriate governance and procedure was in place to support the platform architecture. As part of this role, I managed the install of traditional applications onto the Council's new cloud infrastructure.

Market Researcher May 2013

I led on short engagement to conduct supplier market research for the Monitor Sourcing Strategy. I engaged with a variety of suppliers offering a portfolio of data capabilities and tools aimed at meeting Monitor's strategic business requirements. I identified combinations of SME suppliers and viable tools as options for Monitors procurement and advised on use of the G-Cloud framework.

Lead Business Analyst Nov 2012 - May 2013

I worked in the Information Services Team supporting the procurement of an IT solution for Adults & Children’s Social Care Case Management. During this role, I led on the elicitation and documentation of the Adult Social Care requirements for an Invitation to Tender for a contract value of £10mil. My responsibilities were focused on elicitation and documenting of Social Care processes and assuring the quality and coverage of the requirements being taken forward for ITT. I assisted in managing requirements gathering activity and helped develop a cross-directorate high-level data model.

Business Analyst Feb 2011 - Nov 2012

I worked in a Programme Office providing Business Analysis and Project Management for all initiatives and changes to the delivery of Adult Social Care in Essex. I undertook a number of project leads focusing on increasing end-to-end process efficiency and improving user experience. My key role was to produce requirements for a Strategic IT Review of all business processes and systems. These requirements were incorporated into an ITT with a contract value of £35mil over 10 years. I led in eliciting and managing the Directorate’s Business Requirements to ensure coverage of the proposed IT solution. I developed User Scenarios, User Requirements, Functional System Requirements, Non-Functional System Requirements and Business Process Maps.